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Use YOUR DATA to understand and message YOUR PRODUCT buyers!
Build a single customer view (SCV):

Collect data about online user behavior, pull data from various platforms, combine and structure it into a common format and match data from various channels.

Customer Profile Building:

Merge data from various devices and sessions and connect them with common identifiers.

Cookie Syncing:

Sync 1st-party cookies with a range of 3rd-party platforms such as demand-side platforms (DSP), supply-side platforms (SSP), ad exchanges and various marketing technology platforms.

Dynamic Content Distribution Formats:

Load images and HTML files as dynamic banner ads and digital FSI's, and serve them to the audiences defined by the infoX DMP resulting in audience creation and look-a-like modeling.

Look-a-Like Audience Creation:

Segment data based on a range of variables and attributes, export audience segments to user interface to be found and powered by world's largest DSP (Demand Side Platform).

Digital Property Segmenting and Tagging:

Set up, deploy and manage all of your tags and pixels in one place and push data to the custom infoX DMP.

Low Latency API's:

Pull data about your visitors in real-time to power the decisioning process, content personalization, Digital Circular Distribution and more.

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1st-Party Data For Retailers

Why 1st-Party Data is the Most Valuable to Brand Marketers

These days, marketers have a lot of data to choose from: 1st-party data, 3rd-party data, online data, offline data, transactional data and operational data.

It’s almost as bad as being at an all-you-can-eat buffet – Where do you start?

Every kind of data mentioned above has its uses, advantages and disadvantages, but one stands out for its value (in more ways than one).

1st-party data.

If you’re going to start with one dish on the data buffet, start with 1st-party data.

Defining 1st-party data

To be clear, 1st-party data by infoX's definition is the information that a brand or company collects itself and owns. In today’s world, this most often means online data about customer interactions on a website or app (form submissions, product views, circular interactions, in-site search or product queries, through site and app segmenting).


The whole idea behind using data for digital marketing is, of course, to make it more effective and mostly more efficient.

That means better targeting – and that means more personalization for marketing campaigns of all kinds – AdWords campaigns based on search queries, grocery ads on Facebook based on geolocation, display ads for CPG Brands based on page views of a nutrition comparison site and the millions of other combinations available in the Data Marketplace.

But 1st-party data takes personalization to another level – in part by helping create a more complete customer view (Single-Customer View).


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Brand 1st and 2nd-Party Data

2nd-Party Data Definition:
A brand's transparent access to a trusted and relevant partner’s 1st-party data.

2nd-party data assures a cooperative relationship that can be preexisting (a brand that already sells through a retailer) or entirely new (no clearly defined relationship…yet), creating a new means for advertising revenue and greater brand awareness, across both desktop and mobile. infoX works with brands in many different industries and specializes in giving brands in all industries the ability to gain 1st-party data (brand enthusiasts, product buyers, segment shoppers, in-market shoppers) through large 2nd-party channels (grocery, outdoor sports, lawn and garden, electronics, DIY, kitchen, etc.)

Everyday, infoX's reach into various industries becomes increasingly deeper. infoX is the data collection provider that offers brands the ability to fully understand what their buyers look like around each individual store. For instance, the demographic of a chili buyer can look much different in the southeast part of the United States versus the northwest. infoX can understand the digital attributes of a product buyer all the way to a store level, making infoX the only DMP available with that capability.

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The Independent Information Exchange

infoX is not just another DSP claiming better engagement results through complicated algorithms or expert optimization. At infoX ,we are serious about making sure our clients are industry leaders in today's digital data marketplace. infoX is currently working with many large retailers and brands that are some of the industry's biggest influencers. infoX brings those clients the ability to have a customized data collection strategy, dynamic creative technology and the unique ability to understand and message the most efficient 3rd-party data sets available by store or product. This enables the building of a strategically customized 1st-party data targeting layer focused specifically at accomplishing the clients objectives and providing optimal ROI.

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