It's not easy, but together we can do it!

infoX was founded to assist retailers who don't have the in-house resources to fairly compete in today's digital media space.  Walmart has their their Digital Media Exchange, Target has Cartwheel and Kroger recently purchased data asset, Dunhumby.  These three platforms set the bar for leveraging data in the retail space, but your company doesn't need to expend the same level of resources to reach that measure of performance. infoX provides clients with the same level of expertise and marketing efficiency for a fraction of the cost of building it out internally. For many clients, infoX has become the primary digital marketing team or acting Digital Data Agency of Record.  We work with seamlessly with traditional creative agencies to build consistent campaigns, and with web service providers to mine data that allows our clients to take FULL ADVANTAGE of their user information.  If you're not currently leveraging your data, you're falling behind the competition.  Call us today so we can help!

1st-Party Data Base Building

Grafting our technology to the world's largest DSP enables our clients to build their own customized and always available database.  This database grows and evolves over time, providing unequaled insight into the behaviors of customers.  Once in place, we've found that this information becomes the single most valuable marketing asset our clients possess.

1st and 2nd-Party Data Driven Look-A-Like Modeling

At infoX, we allow clients to understand what digital attributes their shoppers have.  We then use this knowledge to message digital devices that exhibit these same digital behaviors, casting a very accurate net to draw in new customers.  This ability to message "in market shoppers" has produced engagement results that are on average 5X the industry standard.

3rd-Party Data at a store level

No other digital marketing company has infoX's ability to make efficient store-level use of the 3rd party sets available in the data marketplace.  infoX's trafficking team has more than 100 years combined RTB trafficking experience.  We drew on that deep background to develop infoX's automated technology that takes 3rd party data optimization to a new plane of efficiency.  This store-level granularity has proven invaluable to retailers with multiple locations since every location has unique characteristics that should be addressed in their data solution.

Efficient and Easy Content Distribution!

1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data is at the heart of what we do, but we're also experts in making sure our clients are equipped with the latest innovations in creative units to distribute their content. infoX currently utilizes Dynamic Store Creative (messaging only the products sold at individual stores), a Digital Circular Distribution Ad Unit (bundles your circular into an ad unit and messages in-market shoppers), and Digital FSI's (enabling retailers and brands to communicate multiple messages to digital device users within the trade areas of their stores).  infoX's marketing department is staffed by individuals with HUNDREDS of years of combined digital experience.  These experts understand all types of messaging available, and will make recommendations that fit perfectly with the content you are distributing.

Next Steps...

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